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We created Prefix for
two reasons:

About MRI
To give Canadians more freedom over their health and help them maximize quality time with people they love.

Despite their life-saving potential and proven benefits, Canadians still struggle to access preventative MRI scans. By building a unified network of imaging facilities throughout Canada, Prefix makes it easy and possible for anyone to proactively scan their health, without waiting for symptoms to show.

To help unburden Canada’s universal healthcare system.

It’s a timeless fact: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, and MRI scans are one of the best preventative care tools available to us today. Opening up access to proactive MRI scans can help doctors identify patients’ risks earlier and significantly simplify treatment plans and times.

Dear Canada: Love, Prefix

A love letter from our founder to Canada’s healthcare system.

The story of Prefix

Prefix started with an idea to give back to the beautiful Canadian healthcare system. After spending 30 years in health insurance, we saw how many cases and illnesses could have been prevented with earlier detection. In many other countries, preventative MRI scans have long been a part of families’ annual checkups. Now, with Prefix, Canadians can get the same level of care and promise too.

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