The scan that gives you a baseline

Get a detailed scan of what’s happening inside your body, whle staying in Canada. Adding a 60-minute preventative MRI scan to your regular checkup can help doctors make earlier diagnoses for longer, healthier lives.

Photo of a patient on MRI

A 60-minute scan
into every major organ & bone

Our preventative MRI scans are 100% radiation-free and can accurately
detect over 500 illnesses, including cancers.

A body shape
Brain scan
Breast scan
Back Scan
Spine scan
Thyroid Scan
Thyroid scan
Liver Scan
Pancreas Scan
gallbrader scan
Spleen Scan
Kidney Scan
Adrenal Glands Scan
Bladder Scan
Ovaries Scan
Uterus Scan
Prostate scan

Get your scan in luxury

Every Prefix appointment is prearranged to give you the best clinic
experience. Here’s what you can expect with your booking:

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Book a Prefix

Pick a day for your scan at a clinic of your choice.

Prepare your visit

We’ll call you 2 days before your scan to prepare you for the day and answer any questions.

Scan and relax

For an optional add-on fee, a private car will pick you up on the day of your scan to take you to the clinic and back.

Discuss your results

After your scan, a doctor will discuss your results and make health recommendations.

Stay in touch

If you’d like, we can schedule a post-scan call between you and your doctor.

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Cancer survival rates increase up to 90% when diagnosed early at stage 1.

Included with
every visit

Welcome to a new clinic experience designed around you.

Prefix car service

Optional car

Private pick-up and drop-off from your home to the clinic (and back), taking care of all the details, so you can focus on your health and not logistics (added fee).

Comfort amenities


Feel taken care of throughout your visit with healthy refreshments and more.

Same-day consultation


Meet with a physician soon after your scan to discuss your health.

Private concierge


Get matched with the ideal clinic for your health and needs.

Choose your Prefix

Single Scan

Know your health with a 360 scan of your body,
completed in 1 hour.

MRI scan starting at

⏳ Fastest option
/ scan CAD

A whole body scan for all major organs
and the spine, completed in 1 hour. Prices may range depending on the clinic location. Please speak to us for details.

More details:

Payment Plan

Yearlong access to Prefix’s whole-body scans for you and your family.

Pay in increments

❇️ Best deal
/ month for 38 months

A payment plan to help support the cost of the MRI, with an additional processing fee of 15%.

More details:

Company Pass

Treat your employees with a Prefix corporate

Annual pass

🏢 For groups of 50+
/ month per employee

An annual corporate membership for companies and organizations with more than 50 employees.

More details:

Which scan is for you?

Prefix offers a range of preventative scans to address unique health concerns. If you’re not sure which scan is right for you, start with our 2-minute assessment.

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Ready to know your health?

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Please schedule a non-preventative MRI by contacting your physician directly.

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